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McHenry Chamber, Our Designs
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Why Choose Us?

We Listen: We want to take your vision and make it into a reality.  We listen to your wants and needs and come up with a design that really shows off your business and really shows off you!

Unique Perspective: The greatest benefit in working with Get Sharp, Inc. is our ability to identify and understand all sides of your business.  We have the unique vision of seeing your business with the lens of a business owner and also with the perspective of a potential customer.  The ability to see your business from both sides allows us to generate business and marketing ideas to really boost your business.  Also find out what else you get when you Get Sharp!

Small Business Experience:  We understand your struggles. As a former small business owner myself, I understand that you have your heart and soul in your business. I understand the many hats you wear and the challenges that you face on a daily basis. I am here to work with you to develop a solution to your current problem. And I am here to implement that solution for you to take that load off your shoulders.

Business Brainstorming:  We’re going to have brainstorming sessions with you to determine how to best position your business and how to effectively communicate your product or service to your client.  YOU know your business, but are you succesfully describing it to your audience so they “get it,” are drawn in, and want to do business with you?

Marketing Mindsharing:  Our gears are always turning when it comes to new fresh ideas for marketing your business.  Those “grab-you” campaign titles, or a tagline that effectively communicates your service or product.  It’s something we love to do and can really help you get the word out so everyone knows about you.  

Project Management:  Building or redesigning your website is a big project.  Without good project management, things can fall thorough the cracks or become very disorganized.  We use online project management software to track every step that is involved with your project.  All tasks, including yours and ours are setup to keep everyone on track and allow you to always be able to monitor the progress.

Passion:  We believe in doing business from our hearts.  There really just is no other way.  We genuinely want to help you create a website and a marketing plan for your business that takes you to the next level and makes you shine.  We will take your vision and make it a reality.  We feel blessed that we get to do what we love and we want to share that with you.  Read more about what you get when you Get Sharp!

Find out more about what it takes to create a fabulous website and download a copy of our checklist to make sure you’re getting everything you need!

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